Vietnam men condemned to accumulative 19 years behind bars for assaulting doctor

The assault followed a traffic collision in central Vietnam

Le Minh Hai, 23, Phan Hoang Dieu, 27, and Nguyen Trung Thong, 34, about to receive their verdict for attacking a doctor at a hospital in 2017. Photo: Tuoi Tre

A Vietnam court has sentenced three men to nearly 19 years in jail for beating a doctor at a hospital last year.

On April 4, the court of Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh Province held the trial against the three assailants Le Minh Hai, 23, Phan Hoang Dieu, 27, and Nguyen Trung Thong, 34, who made a ruckus at the province’s Vietnam – Cuba Friendship hospital last year.

The court jury condemned Le Minh Hai to seven years and a half, while the other two each received five years and a half in prison, which summed up to nearly 19 years in total.

Their offenses were “deliberately inflicting injuries” and “breaching public order.” Concurrently, the trio acknowledged their crime and accepted the penalties.

The event transpired at around 8:00 pm on July 23, when the three came to the hospital to visit their friend Y Giang Long, who was caught in a traffic collision.

As senior doctor Tran Van Son and four other nurses were dressing his wound, the trio summoned Le Tran Minh Tam, the car driver involved in the accident, out the corridor for a session, but it soon boiled down to a grisly three-on-one that left him unconscious.

Bearing witness to the scene, Son immediately intervened and proceeded to apply first-aid for Tam.

Unappeased, the trio went on another spree and struck down the doctor.

He suffered multiple injuries with his left eye rendered swollen, presumably due to retinal tear as a result.

The province’s forensic spokesperson concluded that both doctor Son and Tam sustained considerable external injuries, albeit none of them were mortal.

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