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Struggling with English? This Vietnamese EdTech firm's math-powered approach might be the answer

Struggling with English? This Vietnamese EdTech firm's math-powered approach might be the answer

Tuesday, July 09, 2024, 16:00 GMT+7
Struggling with English? This Vietnamese EdTech firm's math-powered approach might be the answer
Le Dinh Luc, founder of DOL English

Le Dinh Luc, the visionary founder of a novel EdTech company, exemplifies how originality can transform lives. From a high school student struggling with English to the innovator behind a revolutionary language learning method, 31-year-old Luc's journey is truly inspiring.

Growing up in Gia Lai Province, Vietnam’s Central Highlands, Luc was a math prodigy but found English daunting, initially scoring a mere three out of ten in his English final exam.

Undeterred by this setback, he dedicated himself to mastering the language, turning his struggle into an opportunity for innovation.

Luc’s breakthrough came when he realized he could apply mathematical logic to language learning.

This epiphany led to the creation of ‘Linearthinking,' a method that simplifies complex grammar and vocabulary into manageable segments using mathematical principles.

Certified by the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam in 2022, Linearthinking has revolutionized English education by addressing linguistic differences and simplifying language rules, much like unscrambling fractions in math.

Today, Luc’s company, DOL English, operates 18 facilities across Vietnam, aiding tens of thousands of learners.

At the heart of its success is the DOL superLMS, an advanced learning management system featuring detailed progress tracking, AI-driven instant feedback, and personalized learning pathways.


This platform’s innovative tools and resources offer a comprehensive educational experience, especially for IELTS exam preparation.

DOL English’s impact extends beyond individual learners. In collaboration with Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training, the company awards scholarships to young talents, spotlighting its commitment to nurturing future leaders.

Looking ahead, Luc plans to expand DOL English’s reach to China, South Korea, and Japan, while maintaining the core principles of Linearthinking for a broader audience.

The entrepreneur’s Linearthinking method and the DOL superLMS have transformed English education for many learners in Vietnam.

By integrating mathematical logic into language learning, Luc has not only overcome his own educational challenges but also empowered countless learners to achieve English proficiency.

As DOL English continues to innovate and expand, it remains committed to making high-quality education accessible to all.

Linearthinking: A revolutionary approach to mastering English

Linearthinking is an innovative educational strategy that simplifies and enhances English learning.

It offers a logical, structured approach to language acquisition, making it easier for learners to develop a coherent understanding of English.

Unlike traditional methods that teach language rules and vocabulary in isolated segments, Linearthinking builds each new piece of information on the previous one.


This cumulative approach aids in mastering the four core skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Reading: Linearthinking reduces reliance on complex vocabulary by helping learners infer meanings of unfamiliar words from context and understand complex sentences by breaking them down into main and auxiliary parts.

Writing: Starting with basic sentences, Linearthinking helps learners understand word functions and guides them in forming correct sentences. It progresses from single sentences to paragraphs, enabling learners to develop and express ideas logically, even with limited vocabulary.

Speaking: The method provides sentence structures for different question types and encourages ‘Thinking in English’ using simple vocabulary. It moves from constructing single sentences to delivering proper speeches, maximizing vocabulary use with clear, specific ideas.

Listening: Tailored exercises and online practice systems help learners at different levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced – grasp main ideas without understanding every word. This significantly reduces the time and effort needed to improve listening skills.


Many students credit Linearthinking for their academic success, particularly in achieving higher IELTS scores.

The superLMS platform supports this method with engaging content, personalized for each learner, a vast library of materials, and advanced analytics to monitor progress and identify areas for improvement.

Detailed writing and speaking evaluation: Learners' writing and speaking assignments are thoroughly evaluated with detailed explanations and feedback, enabling them to apply the Linearthinking method effectively.

Comprehensive Vocabulary Learning: This feature integrates writing, speaking, and grammar review directly into vocabulary learning, allowing memorization and use of hundreds of words through Linear models, with engaging exercises that increase in difficulty.

AI speaking mock test: This AI-powered feature offers learners instant speaking evaluations and suggests answers anytime, anywhere. It helps eliminate the fear of speaking and makes self-study engaging and less isolating.

This summer, embrace the Linearthinking method through the comprehensive superLMS website to fast-track the English learning journey and achieve language goals efficiently and effectively.

Granting over US$137,000 worth of scholarships

DOL English will award scholarships worth VND3.5 billion ($137,692) to resilient and talented Generation-Z students who are facing significant life challenges in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang.

Eligible candidates include middle school, high school, vocational school, junior college, and university students who overcome their hardship to deliver an excellent academic performance.

Those students who excel in sports, culture, and the arts, or create inspiring projects that spread positive values can apply for the scholarships as well.

Additional information about the application will be released in major media outlets in Vietnam in the next few days.

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