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Losing it all through sexy online gambling in Vietnam

Losing it all through sexy online gambling in Vietnam

Monday, November 14, 2022, 18:11 GMT+7
Losing it all through sexy online gambling in Vietnam
Online casino bankers exploit sexy girls to lure gamblers. Photo: Vu Tuan / Tuoi Tre

Online casino rooms have changed in various ways in recent years to attract as many players as possible, including the use of sexy, naked female dealers or streamers, in Vietnam.

In fact, there are many apps that are touted as those for online friendships and free live streams.

However, in reality, they are online casino rooms, as an investigation by Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper revealed.

After a registration process with many steps, including account verification, a player can sign up for these apps.

As a registered member of the app, the player can see many online casino rooms that offer gambling games.

There are a variety of online gambling games offered to players, while sexy girls in scanty clothes or even naked appear in live streams to attract punters.

Among them is a girl named Thuong, possibly a fake name, with about 31,000 followers, live-streaming on the app.

Thuong's live stream often lures more than 300 users.

The girl received over 200 gifts for less than an hour of live streaming. The gifts were 'coins' redeemed by players who won the games.

Attempt to lure players

Thuong chats with players and shows them how to play the 'tai xiu' game and bid directly in the app during the live stream.

She wears only a see-through nightgown during the live stream. Most online gamblers are men who both play and talk dirty.

Thuong is always at the forefront of live-streamers with her sexy clothes and willingness to get completely naked to serve heavy gamblers.

Beginners or players using fake accounts in online casino rooms would not be offered such sexy live streams.

On the contrary, 'VIP' players whose accounts have been verified and who have a lot of money are served to the fullest by the sexy streamers. 

For example, in one live stream, in order to 'reward' a player who deposited VND50 million (US$2,012) into his account to play the 'tai xiu' game, the streamer immediately made a 'show' of hot nudes.

In another casino room, the streamer, whose screen name is Lien, dances to the music in the background and declares that she will be completely naked after receiving 100 'coins' as a gift.

In addition, in some casino rooms with a red checkmark in the right corner of the screen, there are live streams with a higher level of 'heat.'

In these rooms, the streamers, who often speak Chinese or Cambodian, direct players to play and perform 'sex movies' on the spot.

To get into these special rooms, players must deposit 'coins' or 'diamonds' into their accounts.

For every 10 coins, equivalent to VND100,000 ($4), users can watch the 'hot show' for five minutes.

Players must exchange the money in their accounts for 'coins' if they want to continue watching the show after a certain time.

The process is similar in an app called Hot (xxx), which is advertised on the online gaming platform and is easy for users to download.

Signing up for the app is more convenient, as players just need to enter their phone number. After getting the verification codes sent to their smartphones and entering them, they can start using the app immediately 

The app offers a variety of online gambling games such as 'tai xiu,' 'xoc dia,' baccarat, fish table games, and soccer.

The app advertises a three percent promotion for players who deposit money into their account for the first time, and a bonus for old players who put in more money later.

Below the online casino rooms are live stream rooms.

In one of the rooms, users can watch naked shows for a fee. For 50 coins, or VND500,000 ($20]), users get to watch for 10 minutes. In the others, sexy girls post hot pictures to captivate players.

On average, each female streamer at the top of the ranks has about 29,000-35,000 followers. The user interface of online casino rooms is full of 'buttons,' enabling players to place bids and deposit money into their accounts at games of chance. 

According to Tuoi Tre's observations, punters participating in these rooms come from many countries, including users whose names are Vietnamese, Chinese, and Khmer.

Bankers publicly recruit 'idols' online

An online gambling fan page with more than 39,000 members announces it will regularly recruit agencies and idols (female streamers). 

The lowest hourly wage is given in some apps for 'tai xiu' games at many levels: VND60,000 ($2.5) per hour for entertainment, VND80,000 ($3.22) per hour for sexy gambling, and VND100,000 ($4) per hour for a sexy show.

An online gambling app that uses nude streamers to entice players. Photo: Vu Tuan / Tuoi Tre

An online gambling app that uses nude streamers to entice players. Photo: Vu Tuan / Tuoi Tre

Elly Bui, a gambling agency, told potential 'idols' that "if you do a live stream well, you will quickly get a higher hourly salary. If you do this job, you will have a chance to meet rich men. You can withdraw your salary every three days, while you can withdraw 'gifts' at any time."

Another option for female streamers is a weekly salary of about VND1 million ($40) for a normal live stream. Depending on how transparent their clothes are, the wage may be higher.

An agency of an app for stocks and gambling offers a different salary: the streamer is paid VND150,000 ($6) per three hours for doing live streams for entertainment and just chatting online with the players or members of the app 

However, they get double that, VND300,000 ($12), for the same period if they agree to perform a sexy dance.

They even earn VND480,000 ($19) for every three hours if they are willing to be naked during the live stream.

This agency even announces that it can pay up to VND630,000 ($25) for three hours if the streamer uses 'toys,' or sex toys and masturbation.

If they dare to show their face, they can also receive a 'bonus' of VND20,000 ($0.81) for each hour.

In addition to the salary paid each day, the 'idols' also receive 60 percent of the gifts given to the streamers by players in the app.

"Due to a large number of users, the gifts can exceed VND1 million [$40]," said Tuyet Bang, a representative of the agency.

Indeed, it is too good to be true. After live streaming for an hour on the app Hot (xxx), Bang Nhi, a girl's nickname, complained of having only six 'coins.'

This 'idol' has around 31,000 followers and attracted thousands of interactions during a live stream.

Bang Nhi opts for a sexy dance in a sexy dress with an hourly wage of VND80,000 ($3.22). At first glance, her work does not seem hard, as she simply puts on pajamas and talks to players for two hours.

But it is not easy to earn money from it. In order to receive the salary, Bang Nhi must meet the condition of garnering at least 1,000 'coins' during a two-hour live stream, which means that players have converted at least VND10 million ($403) into coins.

If the 'idol' is unable to meet the minimum requirement, she would have to continue the live stream to achieve the goal by attracting more players to both view her body and have dirty conversations with her.

If she decides to give up the game on her own when she cannot reach the minimum standard, she must accept to stream for free that day.

According to Bang Nhi, despite her many followers, she can only earn a few hundred Vietnamese dong.

Most of her income comes from 'coins' and 'gifts' she receives from online players in the app.

According to some agencies, there are a few 'idols' who can earn up to $400 per week 

However, in order to receive that amount of money, the 'idols' need to get as many users as possible to put money into the app to bid or play.

The more money the players deposit, the bigger the bonus the 'idols' can receive.

'Coins' and 'gifts' are rarely received by 'idols' from novice gamblers.

"The players who deposit a lot of money often lose the games, so I was yelled at by them when I asked for gifts," Bich Nhi said. "They asked me to shed clothes to get 'gifts,'" the girl added.

In fact, the salary Bich Nhi receives from her banker stays in the banker's account and not in her bank's account.

So, if she wants to convert 'coins' into money and transfer them to her bank account, she has to get permission from the app's administrator.

In case of punishment, Nhi's account in the app would be blocked or deleted. In general, the administrator decides all the rights and benefits of 'idols.'

Too much pressure on streamers

Bong, an 'idol,' told Tuoi Tre that all streamers must meet the minimum standard and earn at least 1,000 'coins,' or VND10 million ($403) per day. The coins can be exchanged for the amount of money players have entered into the app through the live stream 'portal.' Streamers run the risk of being left without a salary if they cannot meet the 'quota.'

Whoever induces or entices others to gamble can be sentenced to 15 years in prison

Under Vietnam's Criminal Code, people who lure or entice others to gamble via live stream can be imprisoned, with the sentence depending on how the individuals lured, enticed, or encouraged others to gamble.

People who live stream nude or erotic performances can be punished by up to 15 years in prison under Section 326 of the Criminal Code.

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Kim Thoa - Vu Tuan / Tuoi Tre News


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