​Dodgy doctor treats patients with tongue-pulling technique in Vietnam

The self-proclaimed ‘doctor’ goes by the pseudonym ‘tobacco princess’

The so-called ‘Tobacco princess’ Nhung performs limb-bending and tongue-pulling for patients in Hanoi in this video uploaded to her own Facebook account.

A dodgy doctor in Hanoi has been ‘treating’ all forms of ailments using unorthodox techniques including tongue-pulling and limb-bending, with unsurprisingly questionable results.

The woman and her team also broadcast their treatments live on Facebook for tens of thousands to witness.

More than a week after she underwent the unusual tongue-pulling therapy, H., a resident of Hanoi’s rural Dong Anh District, said she was yet to fully recover from the painful experience.

Unable to eat for six days after the treatment, the root of her tongue has suffered from severe bleeding caused by the violent pulls by Nhung, a self-proclaimed doctor of youthful appearance, who goes by the social media pseudonym of ‘tobacco princess’.

Nhung has been applying the treatment in Hanoi’s Dong Anh and Soc Son Districts for several weeks without intervention by health authorities.

In a clip that went viral on Facebook over the weekend, Nhung can be seen repeatedly bending the arms and legs of one paralyzed patient, and pulling the tongue of another mute patient in an attempt to ‘cure’ them of their conditions.

As she performs her therapies, Nhung can be seen simultaneously smoking wild tobacco and spitting threats at uncooperative patients.

“Stretch your arms out or I’ll chop them off,” Nhung can be heard shouting at one patient in the clip, which has been shared by nearly 2,000 users and attracted over 16,000 comments.

D., born a deaf-mute, had been seeking treatment to her condition for years, having tried both western and oriental medicine in the hope of finding her voice and hearing without success.

After D. had her tongue pulled by Nhung over a week ago, she now also has difficulty eating due to a sore mouth.

“She now suffers from bleeding in her mouth and hasn’t been able to eat for days, yet her deafness and muteness have not changed,” said D.’s sister-in-law.

Blind-eye authorities

Responding to Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper’s request for comment, Hanoi’s Department of Health said health officials in Dong Anh District had launched an inspection into Nhung’s conduct following local reports, but had yet to uncover any violations.

When Nhung was approached for questioning by authorities during one of her ‘treatment sessions’ on Saturday, she gave only her first name and left without saying anything else, according to Dong Anh District officials.

“We will keep a close eye on this case and put an immediate stop to Nhung’s activities if she continues to perform the therapy in Hanoi,” said Nguyen Viet Cuong, chief inspector at the Hanoi health department.



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