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Healthcare innovations help improve quality of human life

Thursday, December 20, 2018, 10:00 GMT+7
Healthcare innovations help improve quality of human life
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The constant improvement and technology innovation have made life easier and more comfortable in modern times.

Among them are the innovations and technologies in the healthcare sector.

And for some people, technology is even their savior.

Amidst thousands of health challenges worldwide

Imagine the plight of millions of people living with HIV in resource-limited areas of sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Latin America walking tens of kilometers under intense weather conditions to get to a health clinic to take a necessary test.

A few weeks later, these people then have to walk back the same distance just to get the test results. Not only fighting with HIV, millions of people seem to be in other "battles," facing difficulties of physical, mental, economic issues as well as geographical distances to be able to take care of their health.

The health "battle" also happens to people with diabetes. Every day, these patients need to use a glucose meter to stick their fingers then measure their blood sugar level, which is uncomfortable and painful.

They also need to remember to repeat this process up to ten times regardless of day or night, not to mention, to stick to abstinence regimes to ensure a stable blood sugar index.

And that difficult dietary regime can be fatal to any diabetics - especially those who are of working age and often have social encounters.

There are also familiar challenges still taking place in everyday life.

For example, millions of elderly people are suffering from muscle loss (loss of muscle due to age), who are no longer able to take care of themselves in everyday life.

They have difficulty doing daily activities as simple as getting up and down the stairs, depending on their children in simple things like cooking, opening the box’s lip, drying clothes, carrying a small pot of plants, etc.

Muscle loss due to age also reduces the resilience of people over 50, they will easily fall and lose confidence and the joy of living by themselves.

Even children who are most protected are not out of the challenges of health. Millions of children around the world are facing malnutrition because they have little chance to access adequate nutrition for a variety of reasons.

Obviously, health-related issues can happen to everyone at all ages.

As a world-leading healthcare company with a history of nearly 130 years, Abbott, their scientists, and employees know that every breakthrough innovation, every health-related technology successfully applied will help millions of people around the world.

For nearly 130 years, Abbott has chosen to develop breakthrough solutions, invested in scientific research, and applied the latest technology to healthcare innovations.

That also made a big difference to Abbott, on the journey of empowering human health.

Breakthrough innovations and technologies can make a difference in healthcare

Abbott has been well known as one of the leading global healthcare companies with a history of nearly 130 years, not only in nutrition but also in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, neuromodulation, diabetes and cardiovascular care.

At Abbott, scientists devote their own hearts to developing life-changing technologies that help millions of people around the world live their best lives through good health.

Every day, every employee of Abbott creates the miracle of healthcare throughout the world.

And those achievements have also been introduced to the people in Vietnam, especially the two breakthrough products which are the result of many years of scientific research as well as clinical and pre-clinical trials, launched in 2018 - Similac with HMO and Ensure with HMB.

The latest launch of the new products shows Abbott's great care for people at all ages.

In terms of children healthcare and development, Similac with HMO has been one of the most prominent achievements in pediatric nutrition in the past decade, helping narrow the gap in immunity between formula-fed babies and breast-fed babies.

For the elderly, Abbott’s new Ensure Gold with HMB has brought to the Vietnamese market the nutrient that supports muscle health, which is a gift of health that brings joy and helps senior citizens complete their unfulfilled dreams every day.

Abbott believes that good health is not just about treating an illness or managing a medical condition. It’s about supporting people’s health as if it were its own, so they can enjoy all life has to offer.

At Abbott, scientists develop life-changing technologies that help people live their best lives through good health.

From providing nutrients for moms and babies, freeing people with diabetes from routine finger sticks, to building a cardiac device to save lives, to hunting for new virus mutations, every day Abbott employees are doing work that matters.

Besides nutrition, the latest healthcare technologies of Abbott are used in a variety of fields.

In diagnostics, Abbott products help to provide accurate and timely information for patients and clinicians to make the right decisions.

Technology is also applied to supportive products for cardiovascular or nervous systems, for treatment of motor disorders and chronic pain by targeting specific areas of the brain.

On the other hand, Abbott also focuses on caring for people with diabetes, giving optimal solutions to better manage their health, and particularly helping them to get rid of the trouble brought by previous complex and painful devices.

Moreover, Abbott’s pharmaceutical business is responsible for providing high-quality and trusted medicines for customers to access the most updated healthcare solutions in the world.

One of Abbott's remarkable achievements is m-PIMA ™ HIV-1/2 VL – an advanced-technology test that makes it possible to simplify the health screening process for HIV patients, particularly in remote and underserved communities.

Besides this, Abbott's Libre FreeStyle sets the diabetics free from countless finger sticks, helping them to monitor their glucose levels in a hassle-free, discreet, convenient and informative way.

Technology has the power to change lives.

At Abbott, scientists and employees are constantly exploring the most innovative and breakthrough solutions to help each person lead a better, happier life. When you can have a dream or a full day to do things you love in good health, every Abbott employee feels proud of their contribution.

Tran Trung


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