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ILA walks hand in hand with young generation to create sustainable world

ILA walks hand in hand with young generation to create sustainable world

Thursday, May 14, 2020, 09:00 GMT+7
ILA walks hand in hand with young generation to create sustainable world
This is an important time for education to change, to better prepare for the future of Generation Z, and also the future of the world.

The world as we know it will be forever changed by the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, so major educators around the world are looking for the best way to help students to build a more sustainable and secure future.

In Vietnam, ILA English Center is a pioneer in this ongoing work.

What future scenarios face humanity?

The COVID-19 epidemic has reminded us of the unpredictable nature of the world. This, in addition to many changes to the environment, the ecosystem, and other areas over the last few decades, has made humanity understand that anything is possible on a global scale, along with transformation of the way the whole world operates.

COVID-19 has particularly demonstrated how enormous the impacts and risks can be on the economy, transportation, science and technology, information technology and culture, beliefs and ideologies.

The future has never seemed so uncertain and so unreliable.

Making the future more stable, more sustainable and more secure is now the focus of humanity’s problem solving.

The best way to secure the future is to create it. By training school age students into capable and qualified individuals, a positive future world can be nurtured.

Without doubt, the future of the world will not be decided by one person, or by a few people, but by a whole generation, all of whom are needed to contribute.

Thus, the mission of modern education has become clearer than ever: it is to help equip Generation Z, the future of the world, with the diverse knowledge and skill sets they need for success.

The majority of students today belong to Generation Z (GenZ — born in the late 1990s to early 2010s).

According to a report by Dell Technologies, 85 percent of the jobs that Generation Z and Alpha will take over by 2030 have yet to be invented.

The World Economic Forum has stated that 65 percent of students in primary school today will become employees in occupations that do not yet exist.

Generation Z needs to learn how to cooperate to solve the world's problems and challenges.

Climate change and health protection will be the top priority areas. To be ready for this, there are critical skills and knowledge that Generation Z needs, to not only ensure a bright future for themselves, but also to change the world together.

The ILA solution to guide the young generation to proactively create the future

Facing a world full of risks and fluctuations, especially since COVID-19, Vienamese educators have continuously researched and upgraded teaching methods and modules, and kept on training, not only to adapt but also to equip GenZ with new skill packages.

ILA is a pioneer in the continual updating of educational technology and leading educational methods for Vietnamese students.

Tran Xuan Dzu, CEO of ILA, shared, “What we teach our students is not the most important element in preparing them for the future, but it is how we do it. A treasure chest of knowledge is now available on the Internet and it can be accessed with only one or two clicks.”

“ILA concentrates on developing 21st-century skills for our students to become confident global citizens and future leaders, and thus, proactively continue creating the future world with their accumulated knowledge,” she added.

ILA prepares students with confidence to create a sustainable world
ILA prepares students with the confidence to create a sustainable world

This is the motivation for ILA to introduce Smart Learning Solutions, with three options: 100 percent online learning, 50 percent online learning and 50 percent learning in ILA classrooms, and 100 percent of learning time at ILA centers.

This is the solution to the issue of teaching English, Mathematics, and modern skills for students with guaranteed safety and flexibility.

With this solution, students anywhere in Vietnam can easily gain access to modern English and Mathematics tuition, and so be well-prepared with 21st-century skills and be ready for a future ahead.

Along with the Smart Learning Solutions, ILA is also launching the Proud Vietnam Scholarship Fund with a total value of more than VND50 billion (US$2.15 million).

This is an extended hand to support the young generation of Vietnam in being educated and trained in ILA's international and professional environment.

This fund will be converted into more than 15,000 scholarships, each worth VND5 million ($215), and is a valuable opportunity for students to make breakthroughs after the holiday and long social distancing period, and for ILA to share the financial burden with the parents.

Officially launched from May 5, 2020, Smart Learning Solutions and the Proud Vietnam Scholarship Fund represent ILA's commitment to contribute to the development of Vietnam, and of the world.

For more information and registration, please kindly contact ILA via the hotline 1900 6965.

Tuan Duyen


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