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Seeking fame at all costs on TikTok in Vietnam

Seeking fame at all costs on TikTok in Vietnam

Tuesday, August 23, 2022, 16:28 GMT+7
Seeking fame at all costs on TikTok in Vietnam
Some of the most popular short videos on TikTok in Vietnam (from left): stepping on food, dancing with a lamp post, and turning into an onion. Photo by Cong Trieu / Tuoi Tre

What is in the video clips that garner millions of views on TikTok in Vietnam? Take a look at some of them and one will be surprised that there is no noteworthy content, but there is a lot of garbage!

Among the trending videos on the social media platform are clips where effects are used to change voices in a weird way, turn a person into an onion with an imaging technique, or filter layer, or show some young people dancing around a lamp post on the side of the road.

As it is so easy to create TikTok videos that are sometimes nonsensical, more and more young people spend their time creating such content, which in turn leads to consequences.

What are the most popular TikTok videos?

It only takes a few minutes to find out what the most popular videos on the social media platform are.

After a few taps on the smartphone, users can instantly see a clip of two young people, a boy and a girl, dancing 'crazily' around a lamp post with background music.

The young man is a foreigner, while the young woman also seems to have some Western features in her appearance.

At the end of the clip, the foreigner impresses the audience by arguing in Vietnamese that "the lamp post is his.” Then the girl leaves him with the lamp post and the man continues dancing. 

Despite being just over 20 seconds long, the video has received more than 1.3 million views, over 8,000 comments, and hundreds of shares.

Take July 25 as an example, when your correspondents typed the keyword "trending" in the search bar in the Discover section, TikTok displayed the 49 most shared topics on the platform. 

Surprisingly, the video titled 'Đi cùng em trên chiếc mui trần cực hot' (English: 'Riding with you in a hot convertible') was the most trending topic with more than 14.2 million views.

In reality, there is no real convertible or supercar in the video.

All the TikTokers had to do was use an effect called 'Supercar' to record the video. Then they laughed and talked while 'enjoying' the simulation of traveling in a convertible supercar virtually created by an app on their smartphone.

The second post, dated July 25, features a clip titled 'Ơ động đất à, không phải đó là trend mới' (English: Wow, is this an earthquake? No, this is a new trend!) with around 14.1 million views. 

There are also dozens of thousands of video clips that use the same keyword to follow the most viewed clip.

In these, similar images of young people can be seen dancing, laughing, and shaking their bodies, everywhere, even in front of a sacred pagoda, a park, or a busy street.

Everyone becomes a TikToker

On Vietnam's social media platforms, channels named Tho Nguyen, Ba Tan Vlog, Hung Vlog, NTN, Tam Mao, and others are so popular among many netizens that they were considered keywords in the past.

However, the duration of the fame of such channels is often too short, which has many reasons, including the criticism of the online audience.

Therefore, they either have to delete the published content or look for ways to make new videos, while some others finally decided to delete the accounts altogether. 

In some cases, some Vloggers and YouTubers were punished for publishing videos with inappropriate or illegal content.

TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps with more than two billion installations and monthly active users amounting to hundreds of millions.

On average, tens of millions of videos are posted on TikTok every day.

The challenge called 'Eat Everything Asked' used to be a trend on TikTok and still attracts many viewers.

In this challenge, a TikToker is willing to eat anything they are challenged to by netizens.

So they eat 100 eggs at once, insects, many things that have the same color, or anything they can put in their mouth. 

Some TikTokers even tried to prove their 'creativity' by filming clips of them stepping on food or mixing ice cream into noodles, which caused a lot of uproar in the online community.

Among the TikTok accounts following the 'eat anything' trend is the account of TikToker T.P.D., with more than 17 million likes, which has posted hundreds of videos of challenges to eat something from viewers.

In the clips, T.P.D. eats everything he is challenged by others.

One of them has received almost 255,000 likes and seems to continue to grow. 

Another ongoing trend on TikTok is 'surfing.'

In such videos, TikTokers only need a bucket, board, or carpet to stand on and dance freely. 

Users can come from different professions and are at all ages.

Many young TikTok users dance, make jokes, or show off their bodies to attract viewers.

Taking advantage of every effect to gain traction

Knowing how much users want to modify video clips, the TikTok platform often offers features that allow them to freely shape their content. 

In fact, almost all the effects become popular overnight.

These include that of making the mouth much bigger than normal, rendering people older, or adding animal ears to a person, which were initially popular on TikTok and then became so on other social media platforms. 

Add to that the effect of turning into onions in the videos, or the so-called onion effect, which has become a big trend as millions of short videos featuring an onion have been uploaded in recent months.

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