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Why enterprises should use MiMA electric forklifts

Tuesday, June 11, 2019, 09:00 GMT+7
Why enterprises should use MiMA electric forklifts
An MiMA forklift at a customer's warehouse

An electric forklift is the best choice for use in warehouses because there are no harmful emissions for workers and no noise when operating.

In warehouses with a lot of blind spots and corners, if the noise from equipment is too loud, workers will not be able to hear warnings and will get distracted while moving.

Electric forklifts are also compact and easy to move in small, narrow spaces.

Investment costs will be saved in the long term, and the maintenance process is simple.

MiMA electric forklifts are suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises

In the current market of forklifts, European electric forklifts are always leading in terms of quality and convenience for customers, even though the initial investment costs are often very high. For small and medium-sized enterprises with a few working shifts (eight hours per shift), the selection of European branded forklifts entails a lot of costs, while their performance and utility are not fully leveraged.

MiMA electric forklifts are equipped with American Curtis circuit boards, German Hepu technology engines, Wannan lift engines, and top-quality accessories, among others.

Currently, MiMA forklifts are assembled at a large factory near the city of Shanghai, making the cost of production very competitive.

For enterprises which have one to two shifts (8-16 hours) of working in the warehouse with moderate usage needs, MiMA electric forklifts are a reasonable investment: low costs, fast capital recouping, and rapid economic efficiency.

MiMA electric forklifts are backed by a two-year warranty (or 2,000 hours) and preferential maintenance service, ensuring that they are always ready to work at customers’ warehouses.

With 25 years of establishment and development, MiMA is constantly innovating to improve product quality, increasing productivity and providing customers with the best experience when using its electric forklifts. MiMA electric forklifts have been exported worldwide, being among those trusted by European enterprises - one of the most demanding and sophisticated markets in the world.

Every year, MiMA participates in global industrial exhibitions to introduce its forklifts to more customers while getting updates on product innovation and improvement.[

MiMA participated in exhibitions in Vietnam, China, Europe and the United States of America

MiMA participating in exhibitions in Vietnam, China, Europe and the United States

Comparison between electric and internal combustion engine forklifts


Enterprises should choose electric forklifts for the following reasons:

Performance - some pros and cons

Diesel-fueled forklifts have an advantage over electric forklifts by providing continuous power. Electric forklifts are more advantageous because there are fewer moving parts, so there is no engine noise. They produce only ¼ of the amount of noise emitted by diesel-fueled forklifts. If there is only one diesel forklift working in the warehouse, the noise is not significant, but if there are four to five diesel forklifts working in the warehouse at the same time, they will create serious noise pollution.

Comparison of cost

The initial cost for an electric forklift can be 30 to 40 percent of the price of an equivalent internal combustion engine forklift. However, during the course of use, the costs of lubricants, gas and maintenance for an internal combustion engine forklift are much higher. Therefore, electric forklifts are more economical in terms of cost in the long term.

Environmental impact

An electric forklift is the ideal choice for ensuring safety and hygiene in the warehouse and work environment. Electric forklifts do not generate any carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide emissions; therefore, the air in the warehouse will be less polluted. For warehouses that have to satisfy strict requirements because they house pharmaceutical, food and explosive products, an electric forklift is the ultimate choice. The reduction of emissions will also help ensure the safety of goods and improve the work environment for workers, which in turn helps reduce the cost tremendously compared to installing the costly HAVC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) system.

Forklifts using internal combustion engines (fueled by diesel and gas) require maintenance and refills of solvents such as engine oil, transmission oil and filters, all of which are costly and harmful to the environment if they are not properly handled.

Demonstration of how the cost of operating electric forklifts is lower than that of gas/diesel forklifts (Electric counterbalance trucks, 2,000kg load).


So the cost of operating a gas-fueled forklift and a diesel-fueled forklift is nine times higher than that of an electric forklift of the same type, calculated in one year. This is not to mention that electric forklifts have lower maintenance costs, providing higher productivity and an extended life cycle. Electric forklifts do not emit carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide which cause pollution, create less noise and improve the overall work environment.

RotoAccess VN - The exclusive distributor of MiMA electric forklifts in Vietnam

RotoAccess VN distributes MiMA electric forklifts exclusively in Vietnam. RotoAccess VN not only provides products but also offers consultation on choosing the right forklift for the operating needs in your warehouse. Used by many Chinese enterprises in Vietnam, MiMA products with competitive prices are suitable for small and medium-sized companies.

MiMA develops a variety of forklift models
MiMA develops a variety of forklift models.

RotoAccess VN has representative offices nationwide and warehouses in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, and Binh Duong, among others. With a team of skilled and widely stationed technicians, RotoAccess VN is ready to be on duty and timely present to inspect and repair forklifts at customers’ warehouses in emergencies.

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