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‘Occupational hazards’ of male prostitutes

‘Occupational hazards’ of male prostitutes

Monday, July 01, 2013, 10:00 GMT+7

Not only do they face the risks of sexually transmitted diseases, rape, sadism, and being cheated out of money, but male sex workers may also have to pay for breaking or damaging the silicone-stuffed organs of clients during sex.

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Every male prostitute Tuoi Tre contacted for this story admitted that they had been physically abused at least once by a client. They added that some of them have odd sexual habits.

Problems with clients

Most of the female clients who visit male sex workers are wealthy and in their 40s, and most have had cosmetic operations on their breasts, lips, nose, hip, and bottom.

“So, serving them requires a lot of care, time and labor. If you are accidentally heavy-handed with them and leave the silicon-stuffed organs misshapen, you will not be paid for the session and may be forced to compensate them for the damage,” said a male sex worker named Nguyen Van Y, who works in Binh Tan District in Ho Chi Minh City.

“Damaging a breast may cost at least VND15 million [US$721],” said Y.

Another male prostitute named H admitted that he fears receiving women for many reasons.

“They ask for more time, require more labor, and the risks are higher if the client has had their body ‘upgraded’ through surgeries,” H confessed.

Some female clients even physically abuse their sex workers thanks to their heavy weight and stronger sexual desire.

“Once I had a client who is over 70kg (155 pounds). She jumped on top of me, pressed down and bit me. I almost stopped breathing then,” H told Tuoi Tre.

Accepting male clients can bring other risks, as they tend to be sadistic or masochisist, deriving sexual pleasure from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others.

H recalled one session when he was with a male client who was almost 60.

“He offered to bind my hands and legs before having sex. I refused but he kept on scratching and biting me. It only stopped after I threatened to leave him,” H said.

Cheated out of money

A male sex worker named C said he has been cheated out of money several times.

“One time a client called me to a hotel and gave me a glass of water. I then passed out for hours since it was drugged. My money and personal papers were taken away,” C said.

Most male prostitutes admitted that clients referred to them from Internet contacts are more risky than regular clients or those recommended by an acquaintance.

A sex worker in Hanoi shared his story of the risks associated with the job.

“A client contacted me on the Internet and offered to take me on a tour to Ha Long Bay. A while after entering his house, I realized that I had to receive three clients, even though I had been informed of only one.

“The door was locked and I couldn’t resist. I was forced to please them.

“After that, I was bleeding a lot and paid for nothing. I felt like I was being raped,” he said.

Infectious diseases

Nguyen H.N, 28, from An Giang Province in the Mekong Delta, may be a special case of male prostitution. The handsome young man once worked for a travel company in Ho Chi Minh City.

During a tour in Nha Trang, a male tourist in his group asked if N would have sex with him for US$100 a session.

After that, he began ‘traveling’ into this new world for a period before officially resigning from his travel job to work as a sex worker for more money.

“Many male and female clients have persuaded me not to use a condom. I only agree to this with regular clients who pay well. After catching gonorrhea for a week, I have become more careful now,” H said.

Besides sexually transmitted diseases, most male sex workers have to take aphrodisiacs to be able to receive clients. On average, a male prostitute has sex 40 times a month.

“Without an aphrodisiac, the ‘machine’ is unable to operate,” a male sex worker admitted. “I have to use them even though I have been warned many times of the risks of the medicine.”

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